Rebecca Minkoff Innovative Tech Elements at Fashion Show

Image of Rebecca Minkoff and Fashion Show
Image of Rebecca Minkoff and Fashion Show

As an innovative brand, Rebecca Minkoff promises to be a visionary and wants to embrace this in her runway shows each season. Rebecca Minkoff’s runway show aims to be a commentary each season on where her millennial customer is presently with technology and also, where she’s going to be in 2-5 years with the technology that interests her.

This season, Rebecca Minkoff focuses on the wearable technology involved in being a near-future millennial. Minkoff will debut an entirely new category of tech accessories at Fashion Week, available to shop from the runway  the day of the show on September 12, 2015.  The tech accessories reflect the near-future millennial’s life, but doesn’t necessarily impact her clothes.

Rebecca Minkoff’s revolutionary new tech accessories are built for the millennial generation.  The company will debut wallets which combine an iPhone case and built in battery charger, providing 2.5 iPhone 6 charges.  Minkoff is putting charging capabilities in wallets for the on the go millennial who may not even carry a handbag (or switches between several). They’re also set to debut the first collection of designer Apple watch-compatible watch bands to market, along with cross-body iPhone holders and other innovative products.

Looking at the next two to five years of these near-future millennials and where they will be with their wearable tech needs, Rebecca Minkoff identifies her customer as always looking forward, utilizing technology to tell and record her personal story as well as connect with her network in new ways. Perhaps drones, in the not so distant future, will become the new wearable technology. Rebecca Minkoff has partnered with Intel, to have Yuneec Typhoon drones capture aerial shots, guest arrivals and the looks coming down the catwalk of the SS 16 show. Incorporating drones during the runway show this season is a reflection of future of wearable technology.

As Rebecca Minkoff continues to lead the technology in fashion conversation, she aims to empower and support a rising generation of female leaders in STEM careers.  Rebecca Minkoff is hosting the most influential and innovative women at her runway show who are leaders in the technology industry. Eva Chen, Randi Zuckerburg, Kristin Lemkau and Jenny Fleiss just to name a few. Aligning the brand with women who are modern, intelligent, stylish and trailblazers in their businesses is a primary focus for Rebecca Minkoff and both a reflection of the brands modern millennial woman as well as an aim to highlight these women to a new generation of leaders.

With a vision of building a lifestyle brand for the downtown romantic, San Diego-born designer Rebecca Minkoff founded her company in 2001 after she developed a small apparel line. She spent the next few years working on the small collection until 2005 when Rebecca developed the “Morning After Bag”. The bag became an overnight sensation and Rebecca began solely concentrating on developing additional styles to build out her romantically themed day-to-night handbag collection. After four years of consistent growth in accessories under her belt, Rebecca returned to her original love of apparel design and introduced a ready-to-wear collection in 2009. Rebecca Minkoff’s designs are a favorite for modern, trend-setting everyday women and and celebrities alike.

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