Quick Tips for achieving a “Fresh Face” look with makeup

Fresh Face look with makeup techniques
Fresh Face look with makeup techniques

How to achieve a fresh face look in the comfort of your home
1. Cleanse your canvas (this step may also include an exfoliant).
2. Moisturize your skin (this step can include a tinted moisturizer).
3. Apply under eye cream or serum (if you have issues with under eye puffiness).
4. Apply either of the following: a BB cream of your choice, or your favorite foundation.
5. Apply setting powder or press powder to set foundation (attempt this to achieve a matte look)…to achieve a dewy look mist the face lightly with a Makeup Finishing Spray.
6. Starting from the eyes to the lips (make sure eye-brows are properly shaped). You may receive the following: an eyebrow arch with razor, tweezers, threading or hot wax. As an added tip try threading and or waxing …the look last longer.
7. To wake up tired eyes and provide a more alert effect, apply an eye shadow with a medium pink to medium berry shade within the crease of the eyes ( blend in very well) that’s all of the eye shadow you would need. (This is the step where you can apply an eye primer prior to eye shadow).
8. Exfoliate lips prior to applying lip color, lip stains and or lip gloss. As an added feature try lip products which have built-in moisturizers (as an option blot lips for a more nature look). To avoid an over shiny look avoid high shine lip glosses.
9. Once you have done all of the above steps, you should have achieved the “fresh face” look.
As you may have noticed, I did not give a specific name to the various categories

Radiant”Fresh Face” look with makeup techniques

listed. I can provide products that I like or use exclusively, but I want you to explore and drop a line within my blog or on my Face Book page about recommended products that you like or have tried. I will be happy to provide suggested /recommended cosmetics products to use a well. Thank you for checking out my blog.

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