Official Logo for deVine
Official Logo for deVine

The Premise
When others think of wine, they may think of entertaining, conversation, dinner, and cooking, healthy concepts to name a few. However, one may have never thought of connecting the benefits of wine with beauty. Well, with the deVine product we do just that…primary features possesses the elements and benefits of the grape via wine, but infused with cosmetic beauty line. We heard it through the grapevine that this product is truly deVine.

deVine products with logo pictured with wine
deVine products with logo pictured with wine

      Beauty Aspect

Premier Health Concepts, LLC presents the whole deVine line
Premier Health Concepts, LLC presents the whole deVine line

deVine Lip Shimmers bring the magic of wine to your lips. Available in a range of wine-o-licious™shades, our lip shimmers not only bless your lips with a moisturizing glow, they infuse your lips with the powerful antioxidants from the primary ingredient in wine-grapes. Resveratrol, Grapeseed Oil, and Polyphenals help combat free radicals that can cause cellular lip damage. All natural deVine Lip Shimmers promote anti-aging and helps your lips stay healthy, happy & beautiful.

The Discovery From a small seed comes a big idea! deVine has created an innovative line of products that address beauty and health from the inside out. A revolutionary concept, deVine has extracted all the powerful, nourishing benefits of wine grapes and infused it into it’s deVine line.

deVine is All natural – Alcohol free – Gluten free – Cruelty free – Pesticide free – Paraben freetic-tac-deVine image

deVine features
Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant containing phytoalexin (antimicrobial substance) found in the skin of red grapes.
Grape Seed Oil, another anti-oxidant and rich in phenols. It’s a wonderful moisturizer containing a high content of Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid essential for cell membranes and skin health.
Red Wine Antioxidants or Polyphenols, known to fight free radicals and help prevent cell damage.

deVine with grapes as the supporting the health benefits.
deVine with grapes as the supporting the health benefits.

Tasting Lips Shimmer Notes
deVine Lip Shimmers are available in 8 wine-a-licious aromas and hues to suit every palette and every tone…Beauty products for the wine lover in you!

Bordeaux –Luscious deep black cherry lifts your spirits and gives your lips a deep pink shimmer.
Cabernet – A bold copper bronze look embodied with spirit and true appeal. Let your lips lead the way to fun & excitement.
Champagne–Celebrate the moment with this light and creamy shimmer with a hint of strawberry.
Chardonnay–A soothing and creamy untinted balm with a light shimmer vanilla.
Merlot–Deep red berries create a bold dramatic look with a luscious and smooth shimmer.
Rose–Soft pink hue for a subtle, natural look. The light fruit finish makes is perfect for everyday wear.
Pinot Grigio-Lingering notes of fire cherry and muscat grapes balances this lightly tinted shimmer and give your lips a fresh spirtiz any time of the day.
Pinot Noir– Enchanting and elegant hints of plum, cherry and warm vanilla bean create a tawny lip effervescence that transcends age.

About Premier Health Concepts, LLC.                                                                deVine is created …and manufactured in the USA in an award winning facility that exceeds federal quality standards and operates under the strict guidelines of the FDA. This facility is USDA certified organic.

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