i ENVY is one of my favorite eyelash extension beauty products

Product Spotlight-i ENVY

This is an amazing brand of beauty related products for the eye lashes. The product choice is the Super Strong Hold Eyelash Adhesive.iEnvy

Product features include:
Stays in place
Safe on the Skin Ophthalmologist Tested, Hypoallergenic
Latex Free and Formaldehyde free
Has a brush on feature which allows ease in application
Water & Seal Proof
Blends well with dark eyeliners

How to use:
1. Brush adhesive onto lash band. Glue applies, and dries black and bends seamlessly with eyeliner.
2. Wait 15-20 seconds until the glue gets tacky.
3. Gently apply at the lash line pressing lashes for a ensure a secure hold.
Perfect Application Secret:
To ensure bond, set eyelash 2-3 mm from inner corner to avoid tears/natural oils.

After use:
Clean any excess glue around the bottle rim, and seal tight before storing. This adhesive will not damage false eyelashes.

How to remove:
Moisten a cotton swab with oil-based makeup remover. Using the saturated end of the cotton swab, gently rub across lash line and slowly lift off false eyelashes.

A finished look with lash extensions or false lashes also identified as artificial lashes. Photo credits: Model-Alice J. Brown, Makeup Artist- Celestine McGee (me) Photography- Chicago Imaging Solutions.com, and Wardrobe Styling by Annie Price.

For more info about i ENVY check out this link. Thank you for checking out my blog.

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