The value of having professional hair, makeup, and fashion portfolios 

Why do creative people have portfolios of their work? Well that’s a good question. When you are a creative soul… Everything is forever changing. The body of your work or collection becomes expansion. The idea is to save all of the work saved by categories such as commercial, sports, fashion, runway, beauty, weddings, and advante garde (fantasy).

Personal Portfolio Collection
Personal Portfolio Collection

The Types of portfolios:
I have had the opportunity to visit a talent agency which specializes in portfolio development. If you are seeking contractual work… investing in a professional portfolio is imperative. Some key elements to consider are your choice of models, photographers, the application of “flawless makeup” along with various hairstyles and wardrobe selections are the makings of a valuable and effective portfolio.
I have included various examples of online portfolios that show an array of various looks, styles and wardrobe styling. The key categories that one normally creates are:
Hair– consists of close-up commercial to elaborate hairstyles to show versatility in hair, length, type, texture and color. Be creative, you may want to incorporate hair extensions and braids as part of your body of work.

Makeup– these types of portfolios should showcase your true makeup applications (don’t’ rely on heavily edited images, for day, evening, advante garde or trendy makeup looks. Be certain to have close-ups and check for agency standards.

Fashion/Wardrobe Styling– with these type of portfolios, you can provide a collection of projects that you have worked on showcasing your ability to so wardrobe styling, fashion show, jewelry etc.

The main objective end result– When starting a portfolio, look at it as if you were an agent and does your work have the quality and professionalism that a client or company is seeking. Having the right photographer is key, if the photographer does not specialize in head-shot or close-up details, you strongly should consider using another source. You will want your work to come to life and if the photography is not on-point, then this can affect selling your work to its fullest potential.

How often should portfolios be updated?-As a general rule for me, my motto is “keep it fresh” and current (the beauty industry is forever evolving). Review your portfolio every 6 months; determine what should stay and what should go. Variety is key. If you are looking to work in hair, have looks for various lengths, styles and make your portfolio diverse. If you are seeking to specialize in hair color, be certain to have images of work showing various hair colors, styles and special effects. If you are seeking agency sponsorship, definitely stay with all of the clean, close-ups and professional print-work shots.

Various sizes of professional Portfolios
Various sizes of professional Portfolios

Professional Online-Portfolios Samples-
These online portfolios are bodies of work that I have done over the span of 5-7 years. As I mentioned earlier in this blog…keep your work current and professional. All makeup and hair styling was done by Celestine McGee unless otherwise noted.

Model Mayhem 1st -Online Portfolio

Model Mayhem 2nd-Online Portfolio

Website with Tear Sheets

Chicago Makeup Examiner- Journal of writings

So, if you are in the market for contractual work is able to produce samples of your work. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Good luck in developing and maintaining your portfolios.

My next blog post will be about collaborations and working with effective Artistic Styling Teams consisting of Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe and Photography. Stay tuned. Happy reading!

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