My friends at Clarins wanted to share some news with you…my devoted readers !

With the holidays rapidly approaching, salted snacks and sugary treats will be within an arm’s reach at every turn. While the immediate pleasure is undeniable, the resulting effects on your skin – not so much.  

Never fear because below you’ll find a list of some of the biggest enemies in the battle of the bloat, all of which may be combatted by Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Duo – a revolutionary formula with Clarins’ breakthrough Total V Contouring Complex. Inspired by the Asian beauty ritual, which highlights flawlessly contoured features, in just 4 weeks you’ll see a refined profile, facial contours and lifted jawline.



– Sadly, our bodies struggle to break down dairy and the enzyme lactase. The digestion of these hard-to-process bits of deliciousness cause gas and bloating.


Various Cheeses

– Making merry often includes a toast or two, but the sugar hidden within these delectable drinks can add some volume to your face and neck. From spiked egg nog to champagne to candy cane martinis, stay away!

Alcoholic Beverages

TURKEY – A classic holiday dish laden with sodium! Delicious and even nutritious – but beware the bloat! 

Holiday Turkey

So, even in the midst of holiday festivities, we just want you to be mindful of your skin. Remember this common phrase…”you are what you eat”.  The things that you digest ultimately affects the skin…just  some food for thought😊

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