Natural Girl Hair Imports entereprenuers share their vision for the business

Local beauty salon owners Natalie B. and Ava S. of Natural Girl Hair Imports sat down with Beauty Industry Blogger Celestine McGee of Celestial Enterprises to discuss their immediate plans with the recently opened Natural hair studio located 1507 South State in the South loop area.

Ava Selmon, Celestine McGee and Natalie Birdsong during Grand Opening Celebration.
Images of Natural Girl Hair Imports-Store Front posters

Our interview consisted of the following questions:

Celestial Enterprises:                              Where do you see your business within the next 3 to 5 years?

Natural Girl Hair Imports:                      In the next 3 to 5 years we will position our company for national expansion, dominating the human hair import market. Additionally, we plan to venture into the educational arena offering seminars and instruction on how to thrive and survive in the hair industry.

Celestial Enterprises:                              How will your business support the community?

Natural Girl Hair Imports:                      Natural Girl Hair Imports’ humanitarian efforts include participation in the Sock Drive for the homeless community in Chicago, donation of our services for those who are less fortunate during the holiday season, food drives and neighborhood beautification of distressed and poverty stricken neighborhoods. We are always looking for new ways to support our local community.

Celestial Enterprises:                              How is your business different from other businesses of this type?

Natural Girl Hair Imports:                      Natural Girl Hair Imports’ point of difference is our unique ability to meet the needs of a growing population seeking a more ethnic look. Textures like Natural Kinky and Malaysian Relaxed Natural enable our clients with natural hair to add extensions without compromising the integrity of their natural hair. At this time we carry over 9 textures which meet our clients’ needs.

Celestial Enterprises:                              Will your business conduct educational sessions to educate consumers on how to use your hair selection categories?

Natural Girl Hair Imports:                      We educate our customers on the different textures during a thorough consultation or just by walking in. Inquiries can also be sent to Questions sent there regarding hair textures or services will be answered within 1 business day.

Display of Human Hair at Salon- Photography by Chicago Imaging Bryant McGee onsite photographer.

This has been great! I really appreciated  both of you taking time to meet with me. I am so happy for your new business establishment and wish you all $UCCE$$ 👍

During your grand opening, I won a discount off my next service, so I will be paying you a visit for a new Natural hair look.

About Natural Girl Hair Imports

Natural Girl Hair Imports owners
The Owners of Natural Girl Hair Imports: Ava S. and Natalie B.

We at Natural Girl Hair Imports hold our business to a very high standard.  All of our premium hair has been thoroughly tested to the highest degree.  We have conducted an international search to find the finest quality hair.

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