Thanksgiving from a Beauty perception 

 Wishing all of my family members, readers, industry contacts, supporters… you know who you are! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!💋

Professional set up for a makeup application

This article post will address essentially what I am thankful for as it relates to beauty. I have identified 10 points of engagement:
1. Fellow Beauty Bloggers Followers- they are unconditionally supportive and they make you better!

2.To all of my Public Relations team for providing me with meaningful beauty related topics and events to write about.

Press coverage for Mario Make Me A Model-2015
3. Thanking for helping me realize that becoming an independent blogger was a great choice for me.

4. Maintaining and nurturing relationships in the beauty industry after 35 years.

My role as a Makeup Artist

5. My passion for writing about beauty and bringing the topics and events to life. Thank you WordPress for making this platform a reality!  Blogger site address link.

6. Investing into a new i phone 6 Plus…it’s amazing! I am actually writing this post via my cellular phone…a special “Thank you” to my hubby for getting the top of the line technology.

Creative work done on my phone

7. Studying/Taking the Strategic Marketing Management class, where I will obtain a certificate in the M.A.C. Program-Marketing, Analytics and Communication. The concepts that I have learned in this class will solidify my skills in marketing and social media platforms.


Marketing Team deVine

Marketing Team deVine
8. Thankful for my photography and creative editing skills, which go hand-to-hand with blogging/journalism.

Creative Editing Samples of my work

9. Thankful for my continued passion for the beauty industry and my innate ability to adjust and learn new concepts thus making me feel empowered!

10. My unconditional ability to support others and genuinely be happy for them…thus acknowledging their success and accomplishments through my journalism, blogs and beauty coverage of events.

Products received as a result of press coverage

With this being said, I have a lot to be thankful for… this has always been my passion and I am my happiest when I am in the marketing arena. For all these things,  I am truly grateful ❤️.


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