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Fashion Over 50 Fashion Show Models
Yesterday 15+ Fabulous Divas, which just happen to be over the age of 50 defined their fashion statement at Bloomingdale’s fashion runway!

The Premise
Wendy Packer of Fashion Over Fifty and Mark David Carter, professional runway coach, proudly host the professional fashion show featuring a group of fabulous women which just happen to be over 50 which culminates in the Holiday Fashion show at Bloomingdale’s featuring MODELS OVER FIFTY!  Woman over 50 has fashion sense too!

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The key players-Wendy Packer-Founder, Commentator, Organizer
Mark David Carter– Runway Trainer, Commentator, CEO of Metro Salon Pro News Magazine Online, Photographer-William John Liptak-Wardrobe Fashion Stylist-PhotographyPrudence Photography,  Mark Carter and                               Chicago Imaging SolutionsVideographer– Ben Kurstin

John and Wendy Commentators
Makeup Artist– Bloomingdale’s Maria Camacho-Clinique Consultant applied my makeup for the show. There were other cosmetic companies represented that did the makeup applications on the models for the show including but not limited to: Estee Lauder, Armani, Lancome and Laura Mercier.

Models for Fashion Over Fifty
Adriana, Benita, Lauren, Kathleen, Brenda, Debra, Celestine, Irene, Susan, Carmen, Regina, Beth, Minnie, Ursula and Elinor.

Overview of the Event
Saturday afternoon on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile,  women over the age of 50 were celebrated at Bloomingdale’s. Over 75+ attendees in attendance witnessed fashion beyond compare. Each model had two wardrobe changes, one casual look and one evening look.

Fashion at 50_5

There were an array of designers represented, as a model for this event, I represented the DKNY line with 2 looks (Day & Evening). Some additional designers were, but not limited to: Armani, Max Mara, Versace, to name a few.

Makeup Sponsors- Models had the opportunity to select which makeup brand they liked. The premise was to meet the models and find out more about how society see’s women over 50.

The La Mer cosmetic line provided a raffle prize, which I was grateful to be the winner. All models which participated in the show had an option to receive a free sample of a La Mer serum or moisturizer.

During the fashion show as each model walked down the runway there were characteristics and things shared about them as individuals. Here were my responses to the interview questions provided:

Fashion at 50_2

The Interview by Wendy Packer of Fashion Over Fifty
Fashion over Fifty: What is your motivation in participating in this fashion show?
Celestine: I have always enjoyed modeling and did it in my 20’s. Loving the modeling and beauty industry, I always model when I have the opportunity to.

Fashion over Fifty: What would you like to get out of this week?
Celestine: I just wanted to be introduced to any new trends in modeling and be of support for the company. I am in the process of receiving a Master Certificate in Marketing, Analytics and Communication from Stuart School of Business, so doing this show will be treat and enlightening for me.

Fashion over Fifty: In general, would you say that society starts to see women Over Fifty as invisible?
Celestine: Perhaps, it depends upon the woman and how she thinks and sees herself. Being over 50 is just a number. If you feel good, you look good and think positive. The mind and body operates as a unit. 50 is a state of mind and is the new 30 in my opinion.

Fashion over Fifty: Have you started to feel invisible after Fifty?
Celestine: Pretty much a repeat of #3. It’s all about your mind…it’s only a number. I can’t believe that I am 54…I want to be seen and not invisible :).

Fashion over Fifty: Do you feel you have a purpose in life that you haven’t fulfilled?                                                                                                                                        Celestine: Yes, I do have a purpose in life and I try to get involved with everything that I enjoy. I am a hairstylist, model, makeup artist, teacher, journalist, marketer and photographer. Doing things that you love expresses that purpose in life.

Fashion over Fifty: What do you like to do?
Celestine: I love the art of meditation, swimming, fitness exercises, walking, dancing, listening to dusties, writing beauty articles/blogging and photography.

Fashion over Fifty: What are you most proud of in your life?                               Celestine: I have many, but first and foremost, my marriage of 24 years to my husband Rodney McGee, my two children Bryant and Briana and my traveling experiences and the people that have crossed paths in my life.

Fashion over Fifty: How can you be the change in the world that you would like to see in terms of helping women Over Fifty feel more “visible”?
Celestine: I feel that this is a wonderful platform for me (using the word H.E.L.P) This can be done by Health,Exercise,Love and Patience. I can see myself as an advocate for setting the example that age is nothing but a number and if you can surround yourself with positive and supportive people you can share that spark and encourage others. I also want to acknowledge my 91 year mother…she has motivated me to be positive and be the change that I want to see.

This was a great event and I plan to participant again next year! Do what you love and love what you do!

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About Bloomingdale’s North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL
Like No Other Store in the World! The backbone of Bloomingdale’s will always be our stores. Established in 1872, we introduced and perfected the very concept of a full-line luxury department store to offer the most coveted brands all in one space. Our emphasis on distinctive products available only at or first at Bloomingdale’s together with a passionate focus on creating special customer services allows us to build lasting relationships with our clientele.

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