What is Adorn?

Product image provided by Adorn

I was researching what was new in the beauty industry and came across Adorn. Makeup concept of the future. For almost 4 decades, women of color have experienced challenges with finding the correct shade of foundation. Either it’s too ashy, too light or just too much red producing an unnatural skin tone or look. 

  So what is exactly Adorn? Adorn is identified as a customized hand-held makeup device which identifies your underlying skin tones. It is designed to “prints” foundation with a built-in optical sensor which scans the face allowing the skin’s tone to be read and matched. 


Product image provided by Adorn
Product image provided by Adorn
                                                                                                             I love the concept and would love to try it and share with my readers. It would be great for dos owners specializing in makeup application and for the traveling makeup artist which works on a diverse clientele.

This portable 3-D makeup printer creates foundation makeup which is custom-toned and blended for the user.

This concept idea is still in production, for similar systems with this idea, check out Mink and Moda. The cost of this unique hand-held gadget in the pen-format in the U.S. will go for $139 and retails for $279 . There are also refill cartridges that ranges for $20.

For more info about this product check out Adorn.com 

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