Clarins brings you another innovative cosmetic product that you will really love.

Discover NEW Multi-Active with technology inspired by the latest scientific and plant advancements to visibly minimize fine lines and boost radiance.

                          Technology that targets the first signs of skin-aging. Clarins’ new generation capsules deliver powerful teasel extract, valued for its antioxidant and revitalizing benefits. It protects from the harmful effects of a stressful lifestyle, promoting a youthful-looking face for longer.



Myrothamnus – The extract of this plant from South Africa, capable of surviving water stress*, helps absorb the harmful effects of daily stress. Fine lines appear visibly smoothed. Your skin appears more toned.

Available in: Cream for All skin types, Cream-Gel for Normal to combination skin, Cream For dry skin, and Cream SPF20 for $56


Organic California poppy – The extract of this flower that closes at night to regenerate itself, helps compensate for the harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep. The skin appears smoothed and more toned upon waking.

Available in: Cream for Normal to combination skin and Cream for Normal to dry skin for $56  

Clarins also has other spring launches including makeup, sun care/self-tanning and other skincare products. Stay tuned in upcoming posts. Thank you for choosing Clarins skincare products.

Meet Celestine McGee-Blogger and Industry Professional

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