There are simple basics to caring for natural hair. How does one define Natural Hair? Natural hair comes in the following forms:

Tight and Curly Hair
Straight, Wavy, Curly and Kinky (Excessively Curly).

Natural Hair without Chemicals
Straight hair look
Natural hair is also free of chemical straighteners such as Curls, Relaxers (Lye-Sodium, No-Lye Calcium) and Texturizers . 

Since everyone has a different level of curliness in their hair strand; there are various looks that can be achieved through hairstyles and the use of various hair care products.

The products are instrumental in achieving the ultimate look and execution of the style that you the consumer are aiming to achieve. 

2-Strand Twist

 There are many hair care products out there, so how do you select which product works best on your unique defined curls. The key objective to understanding the basics about your hair will let you know the type of curl pattern that you are enhancing. 

An array of Natural Haircare Products

This blog post will show various hair care products, achieved looks, various curl patterns whether it be braided, twisted, curled or silkened (flat-ironed/ smoothed out).

The key basics for caring for your unique hair is:

  • Shampooing/ Co-Washing
  • Conditioning
  • Styling for wet and dry looks

With the Back to Basics series, we will continue to address key looks and styles discussing product knowledge and maintenance in achieving those looks.


Another Natural Hair Look-Twist out
Daily Tips:

  1. Proper maintenance of scalp and hair shaft
  2. Be mindful of wearing tight elastic bands around the hairline (this can cause physical damage to the hairline)
  3. See a professional cosmetologist at least once a month to maintain your style until your next visit 
  4. If your hair is color-treated, make sure that you are using proper products to address the needs of breakage, dryness and dullness/lack luster of the hair shaft
  5. Deep conditioners, Steam treatments, hot-oil treatments, co-washing and leave-treatments regularly at least every 2-weeks
  6. Get a good hair shaping , trim or haircut at least every 6-8 weeks to maintain a strengthened hair shaft.
  7. Invest in a hair maintenance system of products within a family brand of products. 
More Natural haircare products

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