NEW! XO, Victoria Eau de Parfum

Sheer Perfection~you will definitely want to sample this fragrance and then buy it if you like it.

I like to share with my readers the category of the fragrance. Just seeing a blog post doesn’t immediately connect you with the fragrance, but knowing the family of the fragrance/description gives you an idea.

XO, Victoria Eau De Parfum XO, Victoria, Romee 

A sunkissed rose. Wild, free and effortless. Happy is the new sexy with this vibrant floral fragrance.

Inspired by the refreshing energy of springtime—sun shining, flowers in full bloom—our perfumers created xo, Victoria, a free-spirited twist on the original Victoria fragrance.

Pet Ally Victoria Rose meets the airy cool of Twilight Orchid, a rare scent that can only be captured at nightfall. Sparkling citrus notes give it a sunny feel. Hints of English Ivy add woody warmth. Sheer perfection, just for you. 

The Collection:
EAU DE PARFUM, 1.7 oz. $52, 3.4 oz. $68


FRAGRANCE MIST, 8.4 oz. $25



NOTES: Victoria Rose, Lady Apple, English Ivy
Available in Victoria’s Secret stores, catalogue and at

For locations near you.👍💋

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