The 2-Strand Twist
There are so many hairstyles to rock these days. How does one define their style? As a professional cosmetologist, I was always taught my my instructors to : A.C.T.  This means when determining which hairstyle works best for your client you must A.C.T.       

1. Analyze-the condition of the hair , and the type of texture of the hair.                                           

2. Communicate-  with your client by determining your lifestyle, habits, type of work etc. and the factor in determine if  the hair is in good condition, is there any thinning, excess shedding or breakage of the hair.

3.Type of Texture- understanding one’s hair type (straight, wavy, curly and kinky  (round, oval, or flat ). Knowing this information will allow you as the stylist to determine if the proposed hair style is suitable . 

My client: Liannah is a talent individual that is active and  loves the arts. Upon doing A.C.T. Selecting the 2-strand Senegalese twist in 18 inches was a perfect match for her hair texture, lifestyle and versatility of  looks. 

Before Image with cleansed hair
Always gather necessary implements, tools and supplies. Organization is key because it will allow flow and efficiency with the installation process.

Preparation Set-up
Suggested amount of hair packs at 7
  Following the prep and set up, my client’ s hair had been shampooed in advanced, so I applied the plait braids as a foundation for applying the crocheted Senegalese Twists. Using hair clips allows for keeping the hair controlled  during the braiding process.

Tools of the trade
Braids prior to Crochet Instillation

My process for installing the Senegalese 2-strand  crochet twists began at the nape area of the head working from center, left, to right ( this technique is a horse shoe shape).

The timing of the instillation process can vary with head size, hair density and amount of braids used. 

Products used

ORS Edge Gel

Coconut Scalp Hair Oil

Installation Tips

  • Avoid excessive tension of braids around the hairline
  • Avoid snagging hair with the crochet applicator

Maintenance for your Sengelese 

The hairstyle can last from 2-3 weeks 

Versatile Styles-Looks

1st -Look
Profile view of braids

Now you have a clean, neat, and versatile look! 

Enjoy your new Sengelase 2-Strand Twist


Another look achieved from 2-strand crochet

A special “Thank You” Yahaira Gulfui Diaz and  my lovely model Liannah Gisselle Diaz.😘

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