Mario Make Me A Model Semi- Finalists selected for 2016

Mario Make Me A Model Semi- Finalists selected for 2016

Who will be Chicago’s next Runway Rockstar?

The audience sit and watch

On Thursday, June 23rd all in attendance got a chance to see the modeling contestants strut their stuff on the runway. Those who where confident, walked the walk, gave great eye contact and smiled were the contestants selected.
Models paraded for the judges in MMMAM-2016
  Nearly, 500 hopefuls came before the judges to find out who had the “it factor”. 

The Panel of Judges and Photographers
The Panel of Judges
Judges had a difficult task with this feat, there could only be 7 selected to advance to the next phase of themodeling competition. 

Here are some individual captures of the contestants as they walked the runway before the announcement.

Semi-Finalists selected in images below

We present to you our 7 semi-finalists:

Lauren Hough, Barrington, IL

Trevor Cielenski, Lockport, IL

Maggie Krebs, Long Grove, IL

Stephanie Turzinski, Winfield, IL

Brianne Espinoza, Chicago, IL

Jordan Jones, Aurora, IL

Frederick Van Damme, Chicago, IL

The Semi-Finalists pictured with Mr. Mario Tricoci

Your Semi-Finalists for MMMAM-2016

All the best to the semi- finalists. To follow text MODEL to 95248

Key sponsors for Mario Make Me A Model (MMMAM) event are: 

  • Factor Chosen
  • Fitness Formula Clubs
  • Matt Ferguson Photography & Productions
  • Wella Professionals
  • RIU
  • Apple Vacations
  • CBS-Chicago Channel 2
  • Mario Tricoci 

Press coverage provided by Celestine McGee since 2008 of  “Welcome to my world of Beauty “

Indigo Smoothing Black Sugar Body Gommage

Photo courtesy by Tatcha


Just look at the richness and quality of this product!
What it is: This limited-edition black sugar body scrub leaves skin nourished, silky soft, and rinses clean.  Smoothing Black Sugar Body Gommage cost at $74.

Why it’s different:                                       Exfoliate and nourish skin with Black Sugar from the nutrient-dense shores of tropical Okinawa, soothing Japanese Indigo, and Camellia Oil that is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, and Omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Who it’s for:                                                               All skin types in need of nourishing exfoliation for the body. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested.

Did you know that the skin appreciates exfoliation?! It allows the skins surface to thrive. This is why the skin is prone to repetitive practices of cleansing moisturizing. The skin comes alive through a radiant glow, and good circulation.  These practices makes the ski look youthful.

What people are saying about phenominal product:

  1.  “I personally love the smell , actually I love everything about it! I really hope Tatcha adds this to their permanent line.” Shannon M~
  2. “It’s a very gentle exfoliant and it full of goodness. My skin always feels AMAZING!!!!! The only thing that gets me is the smell. It’s not that the smell is very strong but to me it’s a bit too strong.” Shannon~

About Tatcha

After a decade of working for large corporations, Victoria Tsai yearned for simplicity and authenticity in her life. On a trip to Kyoto, she discovered a world of pure beauty, craftsmanship and heritage. A chance encounter with a modern-day geisha changed her life.

The beauty secrets she learned from the geisha introduced her to a different approach to skincare — that less is more. Their skin care philosophy and time-tested ingredients were captured in an ancient text widely considered to be the oldest beauty book written in Japan, and perhaps the first such work of its kind. 

Within its three delicate, thread-bound volumes are seven chapters devoted to beauty and elegance in both appearance and spirit. This special guide informs and inspires our collection.

Summertime sun-kissed skin: Popular Bronzers and Sunscreen products 

Summertime sun-kissed skin: Popular Bronzers and Sunscreen products 

Wanting to achieve that bronzed glow? Well it can be achieved many ways.  I will discuss 7 various cosmetics/brands that aid in the affects of achieving a bronzed-tan appearance to the skin.

Various cosmetics that bronzes, protects and tans the skin.

Australian Gold– Sheer Coverage Faces with Sunscreen-SPF 45                                             This product provides protection from the sun and gives the skin a sun-kissed appearance. Looks are good, but protection from the sun’s rays are of the utmost importance. Long periods of unprotected skin can lead to skin cancer. So, just taking this small precaution of wearing / using sunscreen products on the skin can benefit the skin as well  as provide a youthful appearance👍.

Australian Gold-Sheer Coverage  Continuous Spray- SPF 50 Continuous Spray Sunscreen.                                                                  I really love this product! It sprays out in a continuous mist providing even coverage to the skin’s surface. It has a mild fragrance and is water resistant for 80 minutes. Upon the the 2-hour window of time, reapply product to further protect you from over exposure of the skin to the sun. One of the added features of this product which supports my category of bronzers is that it contains Kona Coffee Infused Bronzers; which not only protects the skin from the sun’s rays, but also imparts a bronzed sun-kissed glow to the skin.

Clarins Paris- Broad Spectrum SPF30 Spray Solaite Huile Embellissante (Sunscreen Care Oil Spray)- This product serves a dual purpose, it can be used on the body and hair.  This product contains sun care oil for the body and hair, the product nourishes and beautifies the skin and hair, and it helps to boost a radiant tan ; leaving the body satin-smooth. Be mindful to avoid spraying near the eyes.

Clarins Paris Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster This product is a ‘made to measure ‘ self tan. It’s like magic!  A radiant healthy glow can be yours all year round that is made-to -measure just for you. Simply mix 2-3 drops of this radiant booster to your moisturizer in the palm of your hand, to enhance your complexion with an incredibly natural-looking, radiant tan. Be certain to wash your hands afterwards.

An important word of caution– this product does not contain a sunscreen and doesnot protect against sunburn.

Model is wearing a Bronzer Press Power by Avon

Avon GLOW-Bronzing Powder                      This product is great for creating an illusion of bronzing to the skin. To get that gorgeous golden tone to the skin, using this Btonzer brightens up the skin and blends evenly to give the skin a radiant complexion.
Ruby Kisses- All over Glow Bronzing Cream This product is great for mixing with skin moisturizers, serums or sprays. It provides s perfect blend of bronzed glow to the skin. When using product, use sparingly. You wil want to avoid an over bronzed look to the skin.

Cose-Hint of Mint Lip Gloss                           With moisturizing and pearlized bronze-shimmers; not only does this lip cosmetic provides protect…it provides a gloss along with a subtle bronze base affect.

Our model Kecia Morris has accomplished the sunkissed look. Not only for the summer, but for all-year around.

Photo courtesy provided by Kecia Morris

Written by Blogger: Celestine McGee

Father’s Day gift ideas

It is almost Father’s Day, and what better way to tell dad you appreciate him than with the perfect grooming gift? More information below on scents from Hugo Boss and Lacoste as well as an incredible skincare duo from 

BOSS THE SCENT boasts an exclusive ingredient from Africa: the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit, evocative of passion fruit and rum. However, the Maninka also evokes something deeper and more profound: the tug of desire and the pull of memory. Set on a virile leather base, its effect is potent, original, never to be forgotten. BOSS THE SCENT is available exclusively at Macy’s ( retailing for $85 (100ml) and on  

Photo courtesy from website
EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 ENERGIZED: LACOSTE presents a new limited edition scent to tribute to their sporting heritage and the passion for the game. EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 ENERGIZED holds fiery ginger and cool mint notes that add a crisp energetic freshness to cedar leaf and citrus. The striking top notes complement the purity of EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 BLANC’s essence at the masculine floral heart of natural tuberose. ENERGIZED is the essence of the beautiful emotions sport stirs in those who live for the game: the pride of a cheering for a team and the joy of belonging wholeheartedly to a nation. Available on this June.
Photo courtesy provided by website
are the energizing & anti-aging skin care duo to fight first signs of skin aging. A Hybrid Energizing Plant Technology, composed of New Gymnema extract optimizes skin cell performance for a complete anti-aging solution. Available on

Compliments of the Clarins website

Happy Father’s Day! Everyone enjoy this day…”Honor thy mother and father“. If you are blessed to have your Father, show them that you car in your own special way.

NEW LAUNCH: Velvet 59 Introduces World’s First Hybrid Palette

I am thrilled to announce that on June 26th, Velvet 59 will introduce the world to the first Hybrid Palette in Rose Metals — featuring 8 eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters for face and lips, all-in-one.

As with all Velvet 59 products, the Rose Metals Palette is Vegan & Cruelty Free, and the Mica is sourced from “Child Free Labor Mines,” something that is very important to the brands 23-year old founder Paris Manning. 

Elf Cosmetics: Gotta glow lip tints

Elf Cosmetics: Gotta glow lip tints

Featured lip shade- PERFECT BERRY

With the new trend of wearing dark deep shades as that of raisins, plums and berries gives you an idea of the deep pigments that are used on the lips.

There are 2 other shades with this Lip Tint series PERFECT PEACH


This innovative lip tint reacts with the chemistry of your lips to deliver a personalized, perfect shade of pink, berry. or peach! The ethereal hue gives a sheer flush of color that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. The gel-based formula glides on smoothly and is infused with Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish the skin of the lips.

How to use your lip tints:  Apply alone for a natural-looking wash of color or as a base to any of your favorite e.l.f. lip colors. Repeat application as often as desired.

Model is wearing Perfect Berry by elf

Beauty Tip: Create a flushed glow on the check by applying a little directly to the cheeks and blend out with fingers or a sponge.

How to use:  Apply alone for a natural-looking wash of color or as a base to any of your favorite e.l.f. lip colors. Repeat application as often as desired.

Tools of the trade: Give your lips service.

Lip Liner Brush

Retractible Lip Brush

Getting Creative with your summer tresses: Looks with a twist 

Getting Creative with your summer tresses: Looks with a twist 

Jumbo Havana Twist– Crochet Braid

Model is wearing Jumbo Havana 2-Strand Twist

Latch Hook/Crochet Twist

Suggested 6-packs ( ranges with desired fullness and overall look of the style. Each pack contains 12 individual crochet ready 2-strand twists in the shade of your choice. In the hair style featured I used shades of 4, 4/30, 1B/30 ( which are dark brow/ medium brown shades ).

Maintenance products used:

 Design Essentials-Natural Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist with Sunflower and Vitamin E.

Directions for use, after style is complete hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from the hair and mist evenly on dry or damp hair. Proceed with style as desired.

NEW! Brazilian Pequi Oil by ORS

Smooth hold reversion resistant, provide a radiant shine with no build up.

This smoothing hair gel is great for smoothing, great to use on edges and it keeps wavy, curly, kinky edges smooth and defines the style.

Enriched with Vitamin E Coconut Oil with Coconut & Kukui Nut Oils. This product works wonders on the scalp after braiding the hair and it soothes a tight and dry scalp (alternate brand depicted with link, not pictured in this post).

Braid Accessory for the Jumbo Braid, add a few on twists around the face to gently frame the face which adds an accented look to your style. (alternate brand depicted with link, not pictured in this post).

Twists showing Jumbo Hair Accessories

Now, enjoy your new 2-strand crochet look. You are ready for the summer and hairstyles full of versatility. Your hair can be worn down, or up twisted in a ball or knot.

Scrunchie bands are great for controlling the hair by placing it in a ponytail for that Goddess up sweep elegant look.

Tips for managing your hairstyle and getting the best use of the hair.

  • Avoid wearing earrings which snag the twists 
  • Freshen up twists every 2 weeks.
  • Applying moisturizing scalp products as often as needed.
  • To keep a clean fresh look to your twist clip any loose strands as needed.
  • Occasionally mist the hair to add a subtle shine to the hair .

 Now enjoy your new style and have fun with a twist! Happy Reading by Celestine McGee and Thank you for checking out my blog👍.

Credits: Hair by Celestine McGee

Photography by: