Jumbo Havana Twist– Crochet Braid

Model is wearing Jumbo Havana 2-Strand Twist

Latch Hook/Crochet Twist

Suggested 6-packs ( ranges with desired fullness and overall look of the style. Each pack contains 12 individual crochet ready 2-strand twists in the shade of your choice. In the hair style featured I used shades of 4, 4/30, 1B/30 ( which are dark brow/ medium brown shades ).

Maintenance products used:

 Design Essentials-Natural Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist with Sunflower and Vitamin E.

Directions for use, after style is complete hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from the hair and mist evenly on dry or damp hair. Proceed with style as desired.

NEW! Brazilian Pequi Oil by ORS

Smooth hold reversion resistant, provide a radiant shine with no build up.

This smoothing hair gel is great for smoothing, great to use on edges and it keeps wavy, curly, kinky edges smooth and defines the style.

Enriched with Vitamin E Coconut Oil with Coconut & Kukui Nut Oils. This product works wonders on the scalp after braiding the hair and it soothes a tight and dry scalp (alternate brand depicted with link, not pictured in this post).

Braid Accessory for the Jumbo Braid, add a few on twists around the face to gently frame the face which adds an accented look to your style. (alternate brand depicted with link, not pictured in this post).

Twists showing Jumbo Hair Accessories

Now, enjoy your new 2-strand crochet look. You are ready for the summer and hairstyles full of versatility. Your hair can be worn down, or up twisted in a ball or knot.

Scrunchie bands are great for controlling the hair by placing it in a ponytail for that Goddess up sweep elegant look.

Tips for managing your hairstyle and getting the best use of the hair.

  • Avoid wearing earrings which snag the twists 
  • Freshen up twists every 2 weeks.
  • Applying moisturizing scalp products as often as needed.
  • To keep a clean fresh look to your twist clip any loose strands as needed.
  • Occasionally mist the hair to add a subtle shine to the hair .

 Now enjoy your new style and have fun with a twist! Happy Reading by Celestine McGee and Thank you for checking out my blog👍.

Credits: Hair by Celestine McGee Celestialenterprises.com

Photography by:            ChicagoImagingSolutions.com

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