Indigo Smoothing Black Sugar Body Gommage

Photo courtesy by Tatcha


Just look at the richness and quality of this product!
What it is: This limited-edition black sugar body scrub leaves skin nourished, silky soft, and rinses clean.  Smoothing Black Sugar Body Gommage cost at $74.

Why it’s different:                                       Exfoliate and nourish skin with Black Sugar from the nutrient-dense shores of tropical Okinawa, soothing Japanese Indigo, and Camellia Oil that is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, and Omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Who it’s for:                                                               All skin types in need of nourishing exfoliation for the body. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested.

Did you know that the skin appreciates exfoliation?! It allows the skins surface to thrive. This is why the skin is prone to repetitive practices of cleansing moisturizing. The skin comes alive through a radiant glow, and good circulation.  These practices makes the ski look youthful.

What people are saying about phenominal product:

  1.  “I personally love the smell , actually I love everything about it! I really hope Tatcha adds this to their permanent line.” Shannon M~
  2. “It’s a very gentle exfoliant and it full of goodness. My skin always feels AMAZING!!!!! The only thing that gets me is the smell. It’s not that the smell is very strong but to me it’s a bit too strong.” Shannon~

About Tatcha

After a decade of working for large corporations, Victoria Tsai yearned for simplicity and authenticity in her life. On a trip to Kyoto, she discovered a world of pure beauty, craftsmanship and heritage. A chance encounter with a modern-day geisha changed her life.

The beauty secrets she learned from the geisha introduced her to a different approach to skincare — that less is more. Their skin care philosophy and time-tested ingredients were captured in an ancient text widely considered to be the oldest beauty book written in Japan, and perhaps the first such work of its kind. 

Within its three delicate, thread-bound volumes are seven chapters devoted to beauty and elegance in both appearance and spirit. This special guide informs and inspires our collection.

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