HD Flawless Foundation in Fudge

I am always sharing great products with my readers. If the product is effective, I want you to try it out to see if you are experiencing the same great results. I have used HD FLAWLESS Foundation and its coverage is amazing! Here are some quick facts about the product:

The HD Flawless Foundation by Absolute New York boasts a lightweight, water -based formula that melts over skin to instantly hide imperfections, even out skin tone, and eliminate excess shine – for exceptionally smooth, natural, second-skin coverage that lasts all day. 

• Paraben Free

• Longer Lasting make up

• Hides Imperfections

• Vitamins A, C and E

This lightweight, water-based formula gives a smooth & natural finish without streaking and separation. Conceal revealing picture perfect skin! 

Tips for using the foundation:

1. Blot after applying foundation, it sets the makeup longer

2. Use a setting powder after application to take away any sheen and provides a matte finish

3. Select a shade of foundation which is generally one shade lighter to created an artistic affect

4. Blend, Blend, Blend…you can’t over exaggerate blending. It creates a flawless finish which is kind to photography.

5. Be certain to shake the product well before use…the product is water-based and separates upon standing. Shaking product blends it well and allows for even coverage.

6. Choose your method of application, I find using the fingertips give the best coverage; due to the body temperature allowing the product to blend into the skin effectively.

HD Flawless Foundation in multiple shades
Enjoy the product! I purchased the product in Chicago, Il at COSMO Beauty located at 112 West 87th Street…this is a great beauty supply store with a wide range of beauty products ranging with: human hair for weaving and braiding along with an array of cosmetics for the skin, face and nails.
Finished Look wearing HD Flawless Foundation Makeup by Celestine McGee

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “HD Flawless Foundation…get the coverage you need from ABSOLUTE

    1. Ususally, products contain chemical ingredients that we can hardly pronounce. However, if this ingredient is not the top primary ingredient in the cosmetic it should not be harmful. If you find that you have concerns about ingredients found in the products… try organic brands that address sensitivity and allergic responses.


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