My top 5 picks for beauty smart purchases are:

1. Dollar Tree

2. Walmart

3. Target

4. Walgreens ( or Drug store if your choice)

5. Costco
Going back to school puts you in a positive state of mind. The summer was fun-filled with a carefree spirit of endless opportunities of leisure. 
I am sure that everyone can reflect to going back to school at some point of your lives. I recall the happiness of returning to school to learn more, to get new clothes, get a new professor, challenge yourself and to meet new people.
Preparing to return to school requires discipline, purpose and perseverance. Shopping for what you need vs. what you want is key. Taking advantages of sale items saves you money over time along with using coupons on preferred ” brands”.
Grooming-Anytime back to school is mentioned, you always connect to clothes, fashion, shoes or uniforms.
In this blog post, I want you to think about beauty and brains and getting the best price for a need item. The top stores that are mentioned allows that platform.

I always say: ” when you look good, you feel good!” The mind and body operates as a unit. When you are positive ; open and receptive it allows learning to occur.


I know that you have all heard the adage, ‘you are what you eat’… This is so true when thinking of success and making the grade. Proper nutrition, vitamins and diet helps support the healthy platform of positive learning outcomes. Be sure to stock up with healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, health bars and the like.

Toiletries– In this category, it helps in support of your overall look. Purchasing the following items are always a good thing to have handy. 

Shampoo & Conditioners- Keep in mind conditioning and NOT stripping. You will want your hair to feel good and not feel dry or over-cleansed. 

Makeup an beauty products– the key tip is to find all of your favorite products on sale and get cosmetics which you use daily.

Contacts and eyeglass care-
Keep your scheduled exams current. Invest in cases, clothes and solution if you are wearing contact lens. 
Also, as a double use cosmetic bags can serve as storage for other related toiletry items such as dental floss, sample sizes of tooth brushes, deodorant , pain relievers and the like.

Stationery– Consider recycling from previous times. Binders usually withstand years of use. The only need would be to buy composition books, spiral note paper or person no line page journals. Though some may chose technological advances over traditional standard paper, but having either I option allows for one to journal and highlight thoughts and note worthy events of the day . 

Meditation, Thought and Purpose

This brings us to the topic of thought and mindfulness. 

You may ask what does meditation have to do with beauty and back to school? I am so glad that you asked. 

Meditation in the simplest terms defines one’s ability to focus on one thought. There are two basic types of meditation:
Concrete – Contemplating                       Abstract- Reflecting ” mindfulness “. These are elements that one uses in studying and putting your mind in the mode of focus and retention of what you are learning.
So as you return to whatever “back to school ” experience maybe, remember it is not the physical but the state of mind and may a concerted focus to be your best.

Happy Reading!!!

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