Product Favorite of the week: Luminous Airbrushing System

Photo courtesy Luminus Air website

I have had this system for years and truly love the looks and benefits of air brushing. Since my recent travels to hot climates such as Missouri, Washington, DC. and Miami Beach, Florida…I have a new appreciation for the affects of airbrushing. 

After Air-Brush look

Here are some quick highlights about Airbrushing:

  • It is quick and easy to apply.
  • It gives your skin a youthful appearance.
  • Professionally and individually; it is sanitary with it’s application.

Why choose airbrushing?

If you are busy and always on the go… It is quick and easy to apply.

If you have blotchy or acne ridden skin. Two to three light applications of the airbrushing technique will give you the look and coverage needed.

Protects the skin from the elements.

Using the pre-designed kit, you can get the look of professionals.

Using the 3-step process of: preparing the skin, moisturizing and the mist affect( this process can also feel relaxing and relieve stress on the skin).

In the beginning of my post, I spoke of traveling and cities that have warm, hot and high humidity. Well, when choosing the method of an airbrush makeup application ; it will allow your makeup to last longer.,, even in hot and human conditions.

Air Brush Essentials- Products

Photo cortesy Luminess Airbrush

Luminess Air’s Matte Airbrush Foundation is a shine-free, weightless medium-to-full coverage foundation that delivers soft, even coverage with a freshly powdered velvety-matte finish. 

• Medium-to-full coverage in a no-shine formula

• Absorbs excess moisture and oil for a velvety, smooth finish

• Formulated with kaolin, neem extract and natural humectants 

• Increases localized circulation to help reduce inflammation

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

• No makeup buildup

• Weightless all-day wear (up to 18 hours)

• Water- and sweat-resistant ( perfect for warm, hot and humid conditions ).

Great for sensitive skin.

Now enjoy your airbrushed look!👍

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