Grande Lips- Hydrating Lip Plumper 

If you are looking to achieve that Full Voluptuous Lip look and need lift?… Try Grande Lips!!!💄💋💄💋

  • Instantly plump in 3-5 minutes
  • Clinically proven formula containing Volulip™ & Hyaluronic Acid
  • Grande LIPS is gluten and paraben free and is not tested on animals. All ingredients are safe for use on the lips.

How to apply

1. Use at night on clean, dry lips before bedtime.

2. Apply again during the day with your other lip cosmetics or alone .

3. For maximum results, use 2x daily for 30 days.

Long term benefits

  • 51% Hydration Boost
  • 15% Volume Increase
  • 13% Firmness Gain
  • 11% Softness Improvement 

Beauty Tips

GrandeLIPS can be applied under or over lipstick without changing the intensity of its long term benefits.

Although we suggest applying GrandeLIPS 2xs daily, you can use is as often as desired. Don’t be alarmed if you feel a pleasant tingling sensation in the lips a, just be rest assured that you know that the product is working!

Now that you are simply loving the product! How do I keep my GrandeLIPS stocked?

Here’s where this product can be purchased.


Full Tube of GrandeLIPS
Limited Time Promotion at Sephora’s

Local Beauty Supply Stores… Look in the Lip Cosmetic area.  Now get pumped and secure a tube today!💋💄💋💋💋💄!

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