If you are passionate about lingerie, well you will absolutely love this line. Everyone wearing Lifestyle Lingerie embodies the essence of the alluring lingerie styles to fit all body types.  Recently, the lingerie designer showcased his work at a fashion show.

Promotion of the fashion show held earlier

The Founder Roy Bound of Hollywood Lifestyles Lingerie
     With the holiday season being upon us. Hollywood  Lifestyles Lingerie will make an excellent gift to add to your holiday stockings. 

I have some tasteful fashions for you to buy the special someone in your life. Remember, the key idea to remember about Hollywood Lifestyles Lingerie , that ” Every day people  have lifestyles too and they can look fabulous at any size”.

For more looks, be certain to visit the website at:  http://hollywoodlifestyleslingerie.com/

The founder is Roy Bound, creator of Hollywood Lifestyles Lingerie 

Roy Bound commentator at a recent show
Here is a snapshot of his recent selection.

Hollywood Lifestyles Lingerie Collection

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