Foundation is wonderful for the skin. It provides coverage and protection to the skin especially during the winter months. Not only does makeup smooth out the skin, it acts as a barrier for protection to the elements of cold weather and fridget conditions.

Our model, Marilyn Fleming is wearing  contour, eyeliner, blush and eyeshadow. The total look is sealed with the red lips.

There are so many looks that you can achieve, but the foundation is the basis to support the other cosmetics  together.

Glossy lips, matte lips, blush, eyebrows and lashes can make a look pop. There are so many ways to embellish makeup to produce looks of brilliance .

Flawless Foundation with Marilyn Fleming

Some of my favorite foundations are: Clinique beyond perfecting foundation and concealer, Clarins Paris Tient Haute Tenue+ SPF 15 Everlasting Foundation+ and Fit me Maybelline New York with Suncreen SPF 18. 

There are so many foundations and brands to choose from. There are liquids, cake and cream foundations. The skin’s moisture  or dryness  can be corrected with the type of foundation one chooses to use.

My favorite stores for buying cosmetics are:  Walgreens , Walmart, Sephora’s,   Ulta and more!

Happy Holidays!

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