Resolutions 2017 Style Chicago: Girls night out highlights

Resolutions 2017 Style Chicago: Girls night out highlights

The cold frigid temperatures did not stop attendees from coming out Friday evening to the elegant Sofitel Hotel, January 27th to the Style Chicago. With 200+ in attendance, they got an opportunity with meet and get pampered by some of the best vendors in town.
The choose of vendors, the complimentary beauty services, the complimentary professional headshots, complimentary cocktails, wine hors d’oeuvres, shopping networking and fun. I truly enjoyed attending this event. 

Nars Makeup

One of my most important features were the VIP Goodie Bags…they were so full and packed with great snacks  foods, beauty and assorted items provided by sponsors.
Vital Proteins -Katie Landmark pictured on right

Celestine McGee, Beauty Examiner


Special offers included:                                  Bliss– a special spa gift: $25 towards any bliss spa treatment of $100 or more~compliments of Resolutions 2017 

The Bliss Spa Treatment
The Bliss Spa Massage Treatment

Bliss Spa Nails Treatment

Capital One– Pop into our Caf’e for fresh banking and 50% off freshly brewed Peet’s Coffee when you use a Capital One debit or credit card. Redeemable at Capital One Caf’e. Another added feature for Capital One was all attendees had the opportunity to get a professional head shot taken, which was complimentary by Examiner

Amazing Lash Studio-First full set of Eyelashes $79.99 (Regular Price $250)

Coupon for Amazing Lash Studio
Stephanie Shook and Celestine McGee

Chicagoland Half Marathon Series-Save $17 on new Chicago Spring Half Marathon and Chicago Half Marathon registrations with code: STYLE17; Expires Sunday, February 5@ 11:59pm

Chicago 1/2 Marathon
Food Nutrition Sponsors                            Honest Tea, Mrs. Thinster’s Cookie Thins, Kitchfix Grain-Free Granola, Luna Whole Nutritious Bars.

Food items in VIP Good Bag

Beauty Product Sponsors

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil & Everything Balm, Tend Skin and Air Shave Gel , Hask Essentials-Dry Shampoo & Chia Seed Volumizing Dry Shampoo, Whish shave cream, Earth Science Protective day cream, Aruba Aloe Hand & Body Lotion, Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk Wheat Germ Oils & Shea Butter, Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser, Smith’s Tropical Ambrosia Balm with Coconut and Mango, Perma Kiss-24 hour Matte Lip Stain with vitamin C & E #8 Blush shade, Blue Magic Creams, Argans and Organics, Chap Stick Moisture +Tint (total hydration) in Coral Blush, Real Techniques by Sam & Nic miracle sponges, and Mitchell Black Fine Papers (Thank you note cards).

Vendors                                                        Amazing Lash Studio, Squasht Boutique, LimeLight, Vital Proteins, Bliss Spa menu, Swaby, Capital One, Chicago Half Marathon, Dr. Hauschka, and more!

Fashion Vendor Swaby

Swaby making sure that the garment fits right

About Style is a Chicago-based digital media company and event producer that covers the best of Chicago fashion, beauty, dining, career, culture and the arts. We also host Signature Events throughout the year, for which tickets are made available through our website, email invites and social media properties.

Squashy Boutique
Blog post and Photography by Celestine McGee

The 5-step process to healthy skin at any age

The 5-step process to healthy skin at any age

The 5-step process to healthy skin at any age.
Clean skin makes for a healthy skin. One of the most important tips to consistent smooth and radiant skin is proper cleansing of the skin. 

The purpose of this article is not for you to commit to using a specific product, but a product that works for you. Any basis to a beauty regimen begins with cleansing the skin…preparation to receive any products to follow. If you are familiar with art, think of your skin as a canvas or a clean slate and then you build upon that premise.

Let’s get started! I am sure everyone has their daily ritual on how they care for their skin. 
This article will address the 5 tips and then suggest some of my favorite products that you may try. Feel free to commit and share your daily routine with my readers. I would love to get feedback from you.

Healthy Skincare Tips  
1). The first step is to cleanse the skin. This may seem easy, but you want to be strategy with this tip. Cleansing the skin is not using a harsh or irritating cleanser, but starting out with something gentle yet moisturizing. There are many cosmetic products out there, but I am suggesting Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.  

2). Once you have cleansed the skin, you will want to close the pores by using a toner or astringent type product. The purpose of this tip causes the skin to become (the 3-F’s: Fresh, Firm and Flawless). This tip addresses the topical element of treating your skin in preparation for the next step.

3). This crucial step aids in the replenishment of the skin and help lock in the moisture content. It also assists in preparing the skin to reap the benefits of the moisturizer, which is your next tip. The suggested cosmetic here is Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner.

4). Now your skin is ready to receive and lock in the moisture. Moisturizers have the tendency to aid in preventing the first possible signs of aging, which smoothes the skin and improving it’s texture. If your routine involves you wearing makeup, this step with be easier due the preparation tips 1 & 2. The suggested moisturizing here is Aveeno Daily Moisturizer.  

Now that you have implemented the above tips and your skin has been prepped for the day, you will want to repeat the above steps before resting and apply a night crème. Night crèmes allow you to prepare your skin for the (3R’s: Rejuvenation, Restoring and Replenishment). 

This allows your skin to become accustomed to a repetitive beauty routine. The suggested cosmetic product is Derma E–Hydrating Night Crème and also try Age Perfect (Cell Renewal) Night Cream by L’Oreal®.

5). The final tip involves a well-balanced diet with fruits & vegetables, exercise at least 3 to 5 times a week (working up a sweat helps rid toxins from the system thus helping the skin’s pores) and drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking adequate water allows the skin to be pliable and subtle. 

Drinking water serves multiple purposes for the skin and body.
Fresh fruits and vegetables

Remember to achieve the goal of healthy skin, you must adapt to healthy lifestyles. Cosmetics can help aid in healthy skin, but you must do your part as well. Getting natural exposure to vitamin D through enjoying the outdoors via sunshine (try to avoid over exposure- use a sun block) this is also a good tip for the skin.

Natural sunshine and Vitamin D

Top Recommended Beauty Tools
The Clarisonic-Gentle Hydro Cleanser provides cleansing & immediate hydration to the skin. This beauty tool helps gently to exfoliate the skins epithelial skin cells and helps the skin look smooth and  evokes a healthy looking appearance.

Professional Skincare & Facial Services

It is always good to receive a service from a professional and maintain your healthy skin practices until your next visit. I hope you have found this blog post to be useful. Share your comments. Thanks for reading!☺️👄💄

First Lady Michelle Obama: A Women of class, grace, intelligence and beauty 

First Lady Michelle Obama: A Women of class, grace, intelligence and beauty 

Our FLOTUS of 8 years!!! She is considered as being one of the world’s most admired women. 

First Lady Michelle Obama

I am writing this post because I am so proud having an intelligent, encouraging, engaging and remarkable First Lady in the highest office of the land.
First Lady Michelle Obama

In acknowledgment and an end of a reign. The magnificent representation comes to an end on this Friday, January 20, 2017

First Lady Michelle Obama Joining Forces
First Lady Michelle Obama with her daughters Sasha and Malia

Role Model                                                    FLOTUS, Michelle Obama wears so many hats and means a lot to others. Not only is is a wife, mother, daughter, sister , friend… But she is an inspiration through her various roles of mentoring, education, health & fitness not to mention her ability to look good doing it. 

First Lady Michelle Obama
Having someone in the White House which was relatable to everyday people gave us a touch of “Realness” to the White House. She has been instrumental in support of military moms/ families and the initiative to keep us moving through fitness and exercise. 

First Lady Michelle Obama, was the keynote speaker at the Commencement Ceremony for King College Preparatory High school held at Chicago State University on June 9, 2015. The Pendleton Family was present…remembering Hadiya Pendleton (an innocent teen whom died from gun violence . Jostens provided a class ring and cap & gown in loving memory of Hadiya.

First Lady Michelle Obama Keynote Speaker Photography by John L. Alexander -2015

The FLOTUS has been encouraging to young girls and has told them during a Global conversation at Let Girls Learn in September 2015“There is no boy at this age that is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education.” 

Beauty & Style                                                       The amazing team that gave us the look of the First Lady. She has been clothed by many local and internationally acclaimed designers. We have come to love seeing First Lady Michelle Obama dressed so elegantly in extravagant gowns, fabrics, and outstanding hues complimenting her skin tone.

First Lady Michelle Obama~ State Dinner
First Lady Michelle Obama wearing an elegant gown

Carl Ray, Makeup Artist . All images of First Lady Michelle Obama this blog post , the makeup was done by Carl Ray. 
Johnny Wright, Personal Hairstylist to First Lady .

Johnny Wright Celebrity Stylist and Beauty Examiner

Magazine Publications 
First Lady Michelle Obama has graced and featured in an estimated 27+ magazine covers during her eight (8) years as FLOTUS. 

Publications featuring First Lady Michelle Obama
Some of the magazine publications include but are not limited to:
Vogue, Ebony, Essence, Time, InStyle, People, Better Homes and Garden, Variety, Newsweek, MORE, Cooking Light, Radar, Glamour, Redbook, Journal, New York, Jet, Prevention, The New York Times Style Magazine, UpScale, Good Housekeeping, Childhood Obesity, The Oparah Magazine, Heart & Soul, Parade, Today’s Black Women, and Black Hair Styles and Haircare Guide..+ many more!

Photo Credit-Vogue Magazine
Michelle Obama is the first noted FLOTUS to grace Vogue Magazine three (3) times.
First Lady Michelle Obama Amazing Total Look
                  Help me wish our First Lady Michelle Obama Happy Birthday!!!🎉🎈😘 January 17th.  

I would like to personally Thank FLOTUS Michelle Obama for your passion & commitment to education and childhood obesity . I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work in the future!

First Lady Michelle Obama- MSNBC

” When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high.” Michelle Obama 

Thank you for reading The Beauty Examiner written by Celestine McGee

The Obama Family Portrait

Thank you for a job well done!


 If you don’t have anything planned. Stop by the annual NATURAL HAIR FEST CHICAGO | Mid-Winter 2017.

Sat, January 14, 2017                                          10:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST

CHICAGO LAKE SHORE HOTEL                       4900 South Lake Shore Drive                         Hyde Park Grand Ballroom                        Chicago, Illinois 

DIRECTED and SPONSORED by                        Mark David Carter, a local Event Planner, announced that MetroSalonPro Newspaper In-Print, MetroSalonPro NewsMagazine Online and MetroSalonPro Classifieds proudly present NATURAL HAIR FEST CHICAGO (NHFC), themed: “Natural Hair Matters”. 

DESCRIPTION                                             Highlights of this 1-Day Festival of Natural Hair & Beauty Culture includes: 

  • Professional Classes, Consumer Classes, Panel Discussions 
  • Live Entertainment on the Natural Hair Main Stage, Fashion Presentations, Hair Competitions/Demos, and a Natural Hair Marketplace with over 50 Exhibitors and Table Top Vendors -ALL DAY LONG. 

The excitement takes place on today Saturday January  14, 2017 in the Hyde Park Grand Ballroom at the CHICAGO LAKE SHORE HOTEL, which is located 4900 South Lake Shore Drive in the Hyde Park community from 10am-6pm.

The Natural Hair Fest is growing into Chicago’s BIGGEST Natural Hair Produtions designed for Naturals all over Chi-Town and the Mid-West.

PURPOSE:                                                                  The purpose of the MetroSalonPro Natural Hair Fest & Educational Summit Chicago is: 

to expose the root culprits of hair loss, hair damage, balding, scalp irritation and various forms of alopecia that plague our communities (primarily adult women, teens and young girls) resulting from excessive chemical treatment, overuse of heated accoutrements, lack of proper sanitation, bad habits, poor nutrition, miseducation, incorrect hair care, improper techniques and heredity/genetics; to create an aesthetic atmosphere where leadership, instructors, professionals, freelancers, students, businesses and consumers (members of the general public) can convene, network, interact, dialogue, showcase, give experiences, and free pinned up emotions under the auspicies of natural beauty and barber culture across the urban landscape of metropolitan Chicago; to influence the growth, maintenance and adaptation of a change in lifestyle that prompts naturally healthy hair and unique natural hairstyles.

            MetroSalonPro, now headquartered in Chicago at 9 West Washington Street on the 4th Floor in the heart of the downtown area, was founded in 2010 by Mark David Carter while residing in the DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia). Serving as the professional beauty and barber industry consumer resource guide, this hyper local publication is steadily gaining wider recognition in key markets across the country. MetroSalonPro is a DIVERSITY CONCEPT, which brings the professional beauty community together irrespective of race, religion, cultural or economic background, gender, sexual orientation and/or social status. Our platform is centered around the binding PASSION that we all have for the business of beauty and personal care.

Having set the spotlight on hair care, barbering, nail care, makeup and skincare as art and science, it is a concept which supplies true followers with remarkable photographic event coverage and highlights on 

Mark David Carter has produced and directed the following fashion presentations: 

  • Ice (Winter 1996), The Magic, Majesty & Mystique of Fashions 
  • (Winter 1997), Mannequins (Summer 1998), The Walk of Fame 
  • (Winter 1998), Creme De La Creme 
  • (Summer 1999), Equinox
  •  (Winter 1999), Blaque Taboo 
  • (Summer 2000), Illusions 
  • (Winter 2000), Sweetest Hangover
  •  (Summer 2001), Reality: 007 Fashion Odyssey 
  • (Winter 2001), Haute Transitions 
  • (Summer 2002), The Chill Factor Of Hair & Fashions (Winter 2002), Total Gravity 
  • (Summer 2003), Photoshoot (Winter 2003), Revolution: Evolve In Style
  •  (Winter 2004), Fashion Casino 
  • (Summer 2005), High Voltage (Winter 2005), Fashion Carnival 
  • (Summer 2006), Portfolio (Winter 2006) 
  • (Summer 2007),Cirque De 

Mark David Carter’s fashion event planning skills were used by African Festival Of The Arts 1997 through 2006. His title was Fashion Show Coordinator. 

Seeing gray? Cover it up easily with the Quick Root touch-up pen

Seeing gray? Cover it up easily with the Quick Root touch-up pen

Do you want to hide any unwanted gray hair that comes around your hairline? You have some gray hair which is just too much when wearing your hair parted? Just want a quick cover up without having to do the standard tint application? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should try: The Quick Root Touch-up Pen.

The easiest way to hide the gray! Touch up pens are great for covering up any gray roots before heading out to work or for a night out on the town. The temporary formula easily washes out.

Root Touch Up is the perfect solution for quick touch-ups until you can get your net coloring appointment. This small, convenient touch-up pen applies quickly and easily and can be used in conjunction with other styling products for a no mess solution to unsightly roots. Formula washes out effortlessly with shampoo so you can use it when you need it.

Recommended for use on area of hair roots no more than ½ inches in length and can be used to fill in sparse eyebrows. Makeup artists will love this product!

Instructions                                                                 1. Remove cap and turn bottom of applicator until colorant tip is exposed (the applicator looks like lip stick).

2. Gently and carefully apply to hair roots.

3. Use a brush and comb to spread evenly over desire area and blend.

Comes in 2 forms brush and sponge tip applicators.

4. Wash out with your favorite shampoo and re-apply as frequently as needed.

Root Touch Up comes in two shades, jet black and medium brown. Perfect cover up for the roots and hides/covers your gray hair instantly.

Comes in 2 forms Brush and Sponge tip applicators

Other Tips and uses                                                  As a creative tip, men can use this product on facial hairs such as side burns, mustaches and beards to take years off of your look.

Ingredients                                                            Some identifiable ingredients include but are not limited to Castor Seed Oil, Beeswax

So if you don’t have time to make it to the salon, this is the easiest way to hide your gray! 

Touch up pens are great alternative…it’s quick, easy and it covering up any gray roots before heading out your door.

With the current trends! Use this concept as a reverse idea… Changing the roots on all gray hair and making the roots darker… adding a creative touch.

Dark Roots with gray hair the Reverse Affect

Resolutions 2017 – beauty event

Resolutions 2017 – beauty event

Join my friends at in the Grand Ballroom of the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile in the Gold Coast for our 10th annual Resolutions 2017, an evening of complimentary cocktails, wine, hors d’oeuvres, mini-spa and beauty services, VIP Goodie Bag and lifestyle experts on-hand to help you improve at least one aspect of your life in 2017.

Venue for the Resolution 2017-Sofitel Chicago

Date: Friday, January 27, 2017 Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Time: 6:00-9:00 pm (VIP check-in starts at 5:30pm)

Location: Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile – 20 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, IL 60611

Tickets:                                                                           • VIP + Goodie Bag tickets are only $49 and also include a signature Goodie Bag (~25 brand, $125+ est. value) plus 5:30pm early entry.

• General Admission tickets are only $35 and include: complimentary cocktails, wine, beer, hors d’oeuvres and mini-spa services (everything except a Goodie Bag and early admission).

Event Highlights:                                               Ticket includes complimentary~

• Signature Cocktails

• Ferrari Sparkling Wines

• Hors d’oeuvres by Cafe des Architectes

• Sushi rolls by RA Sushi

• Mini-spa & beauty services

• Complete your look! (clothing & accessory shopping)

• Lifestyle and health care experts on hand – live better in ’17

• Red carpet photos

• signature Goodie Bag for VIP ticketbuyers only

This red carpet event sells out in advance online every year – so order tickets now!

Not on your computer? Call 1-800-838-3006 (Brown Paper Tickets) for assisted order or buy directly from your phone.

Attendees exploring the merchandise

Onsite Brands:                                                Amazing Lash Studio • Bliss Spa Chicago • Capital One • Chiro One Wellness Centers • Dr. Hauschka • KitchFix • Life Time Fitness • Limelight by Alcone • Macy’s • LVX • Love Emme • Maxine Handbags & Accessories • NARS Cosmetics • One Mag Smile • RA Sushi • Rodan + Fields • Rossi & Rei • SaladMaster by Midwest Healthy Cooking • Shernett Swaby • Squasht • The Red Door • Vital Proteins • …and more!

An attendee enjoying her look

Vendor at Style

About the Venue:                                                    The Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile is a 4-star luxury hotel located in the heart of the Gold Coast historic district of downtown Chicago – just steps from North Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile. Designed by renowned French architect Jean-Paul Viguier, the hotel features a unique structure that extends 33 feet over the sidewalk. In a word, it’s magnifique!’s Resolutions 2017 event will be held in the Grand Ballroom & Grand Foyer (mezzanine level) of the hotel.

I hope to see you there! Happy New Year… Happy New You! The Beauty Examiner will interview select attendees and they will appear in my blog post feature.

New Year, New You: Beauty Trends for 2017

New Year, New You: Beauty Trends for 2017

Welcome to my world of beauty

Beauty continues to reign in 2017. In this blog post, I will share various beauty trends that you will love.

Model depicting matte makeup look
1. Use of Eye Primers-Blend with a fluffy shadow brush; liner and mascara to enlarge the eyes.

2. Belted Ponytails– pulled back hair with a smooth texture on top.

Model is wearing a ponytail.
3. The use of Vitamin E to produce more growth, thicker & healthier hair. ” Dry dustings”a term used by cosmetologists to lightly trim frayed hair ends.

4. Lip Service– the Reds have it. Matte Lips Maybelline Nee York Color Blur in Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, $9 The Loaded Bolds in Orange Danger and Elf Cosmetics.💄

Matte Red Lips
5. Artsy nails with rhinestones, gems or crafts on the nail. Polish, Glue art and apply top coat.💅🏽

Matte Nails Polish with Rhinestones
6. Braided hair with Free People…

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