Welcome to my world of beauty

Beauty continues to reign in 2017. In this blog post, I will share various beauty trends that you will love.

Model depicting matte makeup look
1. Use of Eye Primers-Blend with a fluffy shadow brush; liner and mascara to enlarge the eyes.

2. Belted Ponytails– pulled back hair with a smooth texture on top.

Model is wearing a ponytail.
3. The use of Vitamin E to produce more growth, thicker & healthier hair. ” Dry dustings”a term used by cosmetologists to lightly trim frayed hair ends.

4. Lip Service– the Reds have it. Matte Lips Maybelline Nee York Color Blur in Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, $9 The Loaded Bolds in Orange Danger and Elf Cosmetics.💄

Matte Red Lips
5. Artsy nails with rhinestones, gems or crafts on the nail. Polish, Glue art and apply top coat.💅🏽

Matte Nails Polish with Rhinestones
6. Braided hair with Free People…

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