Nassima Kebir~Presents for Clarins about new exciting products

Dozens of beauty bloggers attended the Clarins Networking Breakfast event. Gathered around the table to learn about the Spring 2017 Color Collection.

Clarins Spring 2017 Color Collection Breakfast

Focusing on “Body Fit”…an Contouring Innovative for Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert. What I love about the concept of the product is it visibly smoothes, firms and lifts the skin. 

With the NEW Texture Innovation & Unique Application. What’s dynamic about this product is it is 3-fold…in order to get great and consistent results you must incorporate diet and exercise into your daily routine.

“Body Fit”…an Contouring Innovative for Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert.

  • The fresh yet subtly fragranced cream-gel provides an intense and refreshing feeling. 
  • Upon application, skin feels wonderfully hydrated and ultra-smooth.
  • The rxclusiveSelf-Massage Body Contouring Method combines manual pressure with muscle contractions: helps stimulate the microcirculation and encourage the elimination of excess water and lipids.

Consumer Satisfaction Results:

Immediately:  80 of women saw visible results

2 weeks after application:  91% skin felt smoother; 84% skin felt firmer

After 4 weeks: the silhouette was more streamlined 93% skin texture is refined; 84% skin is firmer and 81.5% The look of cellulite was not as apparent.

The retail price: $70~ Available at all Clarins counters nationwide and on in March 2017.

Additional products were highlighted from the  Clarins Spring 2017 

NEW Hydra-Essentiel~ Moisture Perfection. Quenches skin from within. Innovation from Clarins Laboratories- a moisturizering range that activates the skin’s natural hydration at every level and protects the skin from daily @ thermocouple shocks” and pollution.

NEW Hydra-Essentiel
Clarins Makeup: Inspired by skincare, it reveals the natural beauty of every woman. Underneath the color lies effective, natural plant extracts that respect and care of your skin.

Contouring Perfection ~ Spring 2017 Color Collection

NEW-Face Contouring Palette~ $42 Contours, Sculpts. Highlights.

NEW-4 Colour All- in- One Pen~ $30 Eyes & Lips. Limited Edition. This concept is so cool! I love it!❤.

4- Colour Eyeshadow Palette~$43 Wet & Dry. Smoothing & Long Lasting. Loves the NEW Shades.

Ombré Iridescente~$25 Cream-to-Powder Iridescent Eyeshadow. NEW Shades. Long Lasting. I love the consistency of the product and the visual look of the Eyeshadow depicts. 

Jolie Rouge Brillant~$28 Moisturizing. NEW Shades. Perfect Shine. Sheer Lipstick 💄 

Contents of the Goodie Bag

Clarins Makeup products are available at all Clarins counters nationwide and on

Thank you for checking out my blog. Happy Reading!

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