The Makeup Eraser
When I attended the American Beauty Show last week, this item was one of my new finds. I liked the way the makeup cloth removed makeup effortlessly. This is great for individual use and over time, effectively cleansing the skin will prevent break outs from clogged/blocked pores.

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Makeup Eraser is a cosmetics brand specializing in makeup-removing cloths. This 2 Pack Chemical-free Microfiber Makeup Remover Face Cloths (Pink) …. The towel only requires water and removes any kind of makeup you put on your face! Crafted from pure silicone, (beware of imitations) this lightweight makeup tool is designed to deliver an even application for all your favorite beauty products.

Makeup Category: Cosmetic Tools               Featured Shops: Innovations Devices  Application Area: Face                                   Cosmetic Tools: Makeup cleansing clothes

Makeup Eraser Items

Additional Items

Give your skin a tighter and more toned look with Cellu-Cup – Glitter from Makeup Eraser. Also crafted from pure silicone, this massage tool is designed to stop and reverse the effects of stretched skin when used in conjunction with the famous pinch and roll technique, most commonly practiced by professionals.  Portable and durable, this massage tool is adaptive to whatever type of cellulite you have. Continued use over time with definitely garner best results.

Additional products that you may use within the line
The Makeup Eraser Towels
                                            Ideal for these Concerns: Cellulite                     Bath and Body: Body Treatments           Application Area: Body                                        Body Treatments: Body Firming 

Product Facts

· Sold from makeup eraser direct

· Beware of imitations and cheap knockoffs

· Waterproof, smear proof, high definition makeup & more

· Reusable and machine washable, last up to 1000 washes

· No more disposable products
Where this item can be purchased:           Derma Store, Sephora, Walmart, Nordstrom, the Derma Store and Amazon Online

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About Makeup Eraser 
Makeup Eraser LLC was established in 2012 by 3 generations of women in one family.

Lexi McCarthy Makeup Eraser Founder says “We all wear makeup and were frustrated by the make up removal products. After research and lots of makeup we found the product that removes our makeup with just water. We love makeup but we don’t love sleeping in it.”

Launched in the US two years ago, the MakeUp Eraser has fast become one of the most popular products on the American beauty market. Designed to remove even the toughest makeup including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, HD makeup and lipstick with water alone, the microfibre MakeUp Eraser is machine washable, lasts more the 1,000 washes and will save you hundreds of dollars in other products.

Thank you for checking out my blog post.

The Beauty Examiner ~Celestine McGee

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