During my visit to the American Beauty Show, I explored so many haircare companies that catered to naturally curly hair. This product’s packaging stood out form me because of the colors and the inviting impression of fun.

CURLS Booth at the American Beauty Show

I stopped by CURLS booth and received a sample of one of their products. I wanted to learn more about this best kept secret product.

CURLS Product display
Beauty Blogger- Celestine McGee has CURLS!

What is CURLS?                                                  CURLS is one of the leading Curly Hair Products suppliers. CURLS provided the best curly hair care products for naturally curly hair.

One of the products within the line.

Starter Products from the CURLS line

  • CURLS Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo 

Choosing your cleanser should take some serious consideration. Any cleanser will not do because the wrong cleanser on curly hair could strip the hair of its essential nutrients and oils, leaving it dry and parched leading to breakage. The Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo is gentle and formulated with ingredients like grapefruit and pineapple extracts to gently lift debris and other heavy oils and build-up from the hair.

  • CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner 

This heat activated deep Asian hair tea conditioner will transform dry, damaged, chemically processed or overly stressed naturally curly hair within minutes! This is the DEEP treatment you’ve been dreaming of! Use with heat.

  • CURLS Soufflé Curl Cream 

A crowd pleaser! Curls Souffle is commonly used on ALL curly hair types. It is light enough to be used on medium density hair types to help retain moisture, soften and style the hair. Use this formula for soft curl styling for a wash and go, or use in your roller sets and other style outs. For best results apply section by section as you set your hair. Then, air dry or use a hooded dryer to complete your style. You will notice enhanced sheen, curl control and of course, no frizz!

  • CURLS Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir

You are truly in for a lavish treat when you use this oil blend. Formulated with champagne grape and caviar extracts, this luscious concoction transforms dull curls into glorious curls while enhancing growth and retaining length. Use daily by applying to the tips of your hair to nurture and protect the most delicate areas.

    Where can I by CURLS?                                       This retail product line can now be found at: CVS Pharmacy, Target 🎯, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Use Coupon Code: NEW2CURLS at checkout. Take  15% off.

    Do the company have an online presence?
           Yes, here is the link.

    Noted Celebrities that have used CURLS.  Discerning celebrity consumers like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Nia Long, Tia Mowry, Chili of the Grammy award wining R&B group, TLC, Blair Underwood, Ashanti, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Echo Kellum seek out the superior quality and natural components of CURLS products.

    Nia Long Photo Credits Website

    About CURLS                                                          

    The Company – The Founder – The Vision- How it all began…CURLS was founded in 2002 in Elk Grove, California by CEO, Mahisha Dellinger. Now greatly expanded, CURLS continues to maintain the highest standards for quality ingredients and product dependability. Dellinger collaborated with leading cosmetic experts to develop CURLS. Her intense desire to create a remarkable line for a growing, yet overlooked audience, coupled with an extensive chemistry background proved to be a winning combination. CURLS’ exceptional CEO remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that define the company.

    Beauty Blogger- Celestine McGee has CURLS!

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