The Ultimate Spa and Sauna experience: King Spa and Sauna in Chicago

What a wonderful way to start your day. I began my morning with my Bootcamp workout at ProFit Studio in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.

As a special outing with my church’s special interest group, The Meditators for Better Living at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, we attended King Spa & Sauna. This article is about my wonderful experience at this sensational Spa & Sauna.

The beauty of this Spa experience began with release, unwinding and meditation. My experience included visiting the Pyramid, the Salt Room, the Base Rock Bath Room, the Far Infrared Room, the Oxygen Room, and the Bath Room. I will describe each and expound upon the benefits of each room.

The pyramid shaped sauna channels metaphysical energy with the unique healing effects of 23 carat gold to help cleanse impurities out of the body temple.

The Salt Room made from 350 million year old salt rocks, this room aids in skin rejuvenation.

The Base Rock Bath Room contains amethyst crystals, yellow soil and a bed-like slab of an imported Japanese mineral called Siraka this is said to have fantastic healing abilities.

Far infrared technology is beneficial for many conditions including detoxification, soft tissue inquiries, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions and weak circulation.

The Ice Room just chilled to that just above freezing provides a brisk cold treatment which stimulates blood flow and tightens the skin’s pores.

The Bath Room denotes cleansing and purifying the body of toxins released in sauna treatments. King Spa has large public rooms for men and woman to relax and soak. This leads me to the list of services that I received will visiting this amazing spa & sauna.

I truly enjoyed the sensational body scrub! Not only was it relaxing, but it provided these key benefits to the body: smoother skin, a healthier glow, increased blood circulation, improves the appearance of cellulite, and just ultimate exfoliation of the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. I am sold on this service! I will be getting it as a treat to myself at least twice a month. I just loved it! You definitely could see a difference in the skin’s complexion and elasticity.

The whirl pools and steam saunas were also relaxing for the body’s muscles and any normal aches or pains.

V-Steam, a new service which is becoming popular allows women to experience steam through a Steam Sitz Hip Bath. Benefits here are providing oxygen, blood circulation and alleviating pelvic related issues in women.

In conclusion to sharing my experience, you will definitely want to treat yourself to pampering at least monthly. It adds to the wholeness of the total body from head to toe.

Everybody deserves a great customized massage. Other individualized massages includes a full body massage, foot massage, couple’s massage, chair massage, body scrubs, facial and V Steam (women only).

The following are pictures highlighting the decor throughout the spa facility. Here are some of my favorite views.

About King Spa & Sauna

Thank you for reading my blog post. Make it a beautiful day!!! Take time out for a very important person… you!🦋CRM

An 11th annual’s Resolutions 2018

It’s that time again to network, shop and get ready for the New Year !!! 🎉 🎊

Please join us at the W Chicago – City Center for our 11th annual’s Resolutions 2018, an evening dedicated to helping attendees make, re-state or keep their new year’s resolutions. Your VIP ticket includes complimentary wine & beer, signature cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, mini-spa, beauty & wellness services, designer pop-ups, VIP Goodie Bag and lifestyle experts on-hand to help you improve at least one aspect of your life in 2018.

Date:  Friday, January 26, 2018

Time:  6:00-9:00 pm

Location:  W Chicago – City Center (172 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL 60603)

Tickets:VIP + Goodie Bag tickets are only $49 if you purchase by December 31st. The VIP ticket include a signature Goodie Bag (25+ brands, $100+ est. value).

Event HighlightsTicket includes complimentary: • Wine & beer

• Signature cocktails

• Hors d’oeuvres by Wow Bao, Orso’s Restaurant & W Chicago – City Center

• Mini-spa, beauty & wellness services

• Designer pop-ups to complete your look! (clothing & accessory shopping)

• Red carpet photos

• signature Goodie Bag for VIP ticketbuyers only Signature VIP Goodie Bags:   VIP ticketbuyers! Don’t miss out on our amazing goodie bags – 25+ brands, $100+ est. value – always a crowdpleaser!

This red carpet event sells out in advance online every year – so order tickets now! Not on your computer? Call 1-800-838-3006 (Brown Paper Tickets) for assisted order or buy directly from your phone.30+ Onsite Brands: Zazu Salon & Day Spa * Bliss Spa Chicago * Chicago Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology * Elina Organics * The Lashe Spot * Equinox Fitness * European Wax Center * Trio Salon * Chiro One Wellness Centers * Country Financial * Dome Beauty * Ann Everett Fashion Designs * Fab’rik Wicker Park * J. Crager Alternatives for your Hair * Love Emme * One Mag Smile * Orso’s * Harriet’s Hides * NYET Jewelry * Midwest Healthy Cooking * Saladmaster * Nathalie Loma * Rebellion Handbags * Heidi Hess * Stay Gorgeous * SWABY | Shernett Swaby * vfish Designs * Via Strozzi * Vital Proteins * Wow Bao * Yasou Natural Skin Care…and many more

Hors d’oeuvres Wow Bao * Orso’s Restaurant * W Chicago – City Center

Parking: Planning to drive? We recommend using Chicago-based SpotHero to find convenient & affordable parking near the venue.

Guests must be over 21 years of age to attend – and tickets must be purchased in advance. For more event information, email or call us at 312.461.9400. To order tickets from a live person, call Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.

All event guests must be 21+ years of age to attend. Invite non-transferable. I hope to see you there!😘

Amazing gifts that I received with an emphasis on beauty

Hi my readers, I know it had been awhile since my last blog post, but all is well. This blog post will highlight gifts that I received over the holiday. You’ve got to love it when most of your gifts received are related to beauty.

Here are some of the featured gifts that I’d like to highlight. I have been working out at the ProFit Studio in Chicago, Illinois for 8 months now. So, I like using products that fall under the category of hot creams or cellulite/ toning gels. These products are used in conjunction with exercise.

The product by reSHAPE-Cellulite Buster+ Toning Gel. It contains Pure Aloe Vera-based formula that helps in the appearance that smoothes the look of dimples and cellulite for a more firm, uplifted appearance. I find that these products are most effective with the use of exercise and consistency.

Masks are always in need. The next beauty product I received as a gift is VASSOUL Suction-Black Mask, it is a Purifying Peel-off Mask. It is great for deep cleansing of the pore and effective in pulling/ suctioning out blackheads also known as comedones and whiteheads also know as milia.

Under Eye Cream by L’OREAL Paris Skin Expertise. This product is great for reducing under eye puffiness, lines & dark circles. I place it under my eyes first, then apply moisturizer and foundation as usual. As a top, store products in a cool place or refrigerate. It has a soothing affect and helps to reduce puffiness.

ColourPop is an amazing lip color in many shades. It comes in Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte Lip especially like this product because of it’s matte finish and longer lasting color stain. My daughter got this gift for me. I just love it!

Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath and Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion. I really love these products because they are quality and works! The Body Lotion is a NEW product that detoxify & Energize with ingredients of Ginger & Clay. The foaming bath is great! It cleanses away body’s impurities, nourishes your skin, long-lasting bubbles that gently cleanses the skin.

Another feature that I like about this product is that it excellent to use after my workouts because it revitalizes tired achy muscles along with providing relief from stress.

I am a fan of high- heeled shoes, I received a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles. I found it to be great because all pressure is shifts pressure off the ball of the foot. It provides all-day comfort for heels 2″ and higher.

My last gift item is Revlon Colorsilk. I love this product, ammonia free with 3D Color gel technology.

So, I was pleased with my thoughtful gifts. It shows that people do notice what I do and have an appreciation for my involvement in the beauty industry. Happy reading !!! Thanks for checking out my blog post!

Health and Wellness…the beauty of it all

Health and Wellness…the beauty of it all

Greetings to all of my current and first time readers. In this post I will take you on a path to beauty which is not only the outer reflection, but the wholistic approach of it all.

We will cover topics of daily routines or rituals, ways of finding your inner beauty, therapeutic ways of wellness and general back to basics approaches.

Now let’s get started:

Daily routines or rituals

For me on the path to Health and Wellness one must espouse this very essence of doing and being all things healthy which in turn will lead to Wellness.

1. Get Focus~ Start your day off by drinking at least one glass of water (8 oz.) Now in your mind’s eye that you have a target goal and stay on track to achieve it. Think on it throughout the day and try not to get side- tracked.

2. Read a Daily Inspiration or Daily Word any publication that will provide a positive concept to start your day.

3. Meditation become still. Stilling everything in the outer. In a quiet place you may close your eyes, count silently to five and begin to take inhaling breathes through your nose as exhaling breathes blowing all that is not needed out of the mouth. The Art of meditation is a practice that will calm you, relax you, and provide you with mental clarity to get through your day. Listening to audio messages as well as Yoga can be enlightening.

4. Ways of finding your inner beauty

Writing through journaling can be a helpful to release and let go any old hurts, trial, challenges which you have endured through days, weeks, months or even years. This is an excellent form of release. I love writing through blogging… here I share all positive aspects of beauty rather it be from an inner or outer source.

5. Laughter can be defined as to express mirth, pleasure, derision, or nervousness with an audible, vocal expulsion of air from the lungs that can range from a loud burst of sound to a series of quiet chuckles and usually accompanied by characteristic facial and bodily movements. So, have a good laugh… laughter is a powerful emotion and you can laugh your troubles away. I make it a point to find something to laugh about daily.

Therapeutic ways of wellness

1. Spa Day or Body Massage Treatment

I always enjoy going to a spa, it is relaxing along with a way for treating yourself.

2. Shopping for new beauty products

Since I love cosmetics and beauty products, this is totally therapeutic. It truly makes me happy trying out and learning about new products.

3. Volunteer or be service oriented. This is a dynamic way to give to yourself and others. Volunteer at a place where you have passion and a connection. Being of service makes one feel accomplished and have self worth. It is therapeutic feeling just knowing that you have helped someone that is worst off than you.

4. Go out with friends. There is nothing better than connecting with friends. I love going shopping, going to the movies, going out to lunch or dinner, going bowling and attending beauty related events with my friends. This is an excellent opportunity to share good, bad and indifferent experiences and just simply catch up with life’s moments.

5. Spend time with family. This is also a therapeutic approach for bonding and being a cohesive unit. Family really does matter. They are supportive and forms an unbreakable bond. Feeling loved and being surrounded by love ones should be great practice for general therapeutic wellness.

General back to basics approaches

1. Eating right. A Proper diet is essential to good Health and Wellness. Good nutrition is helpful with cognitive thought for mental focus and brain power. I love nutritional smoothies and I enjoy eating salmon, preparing it in multiple ways.

2. Adequate rest. This is imperative for daily functioning. Think of your body as a battery or your cellular phone battery. If it is not charged the device will not function until it is recharged. So recharge your inner battery to rejuvenate your being.

3. Exercise.It is important. You must remain motivated and consistence in order to results. No matter what exercise of chose, be committed, regular and mix it up… confuse your muscles, but keep it moving!

4. Take up a hobby. My hobby is Gift Baskets, I love creating gift baskets. I design individual themes based on the type of Baskets that the client desires. I started making beauty baskets, back to school supplies baskets, and other specialized baskets. A calmness comes over me when I create gift baskets.

5. Show compassion toward others

Being kind showing empathy and compassion towards others works wonders for your health. It causes endorphins to be activated when you are doing a kind act and being genuine towards others. It provides a feeling of exhilaration and warms the heart.

I ‘d love to hear from you to see how you maintain your health and Wellness. Happy Reading.👍🏽

Highlights from The Art of FASHION 2017 by Style Chicago

Highlights from The Art of FASHION 2017 by Style Chicago

What an amazing time to be had at the event!  The Art of FASHION 2017 was outstanding.  Leading up to the Fashion show, attendees had options to have cocktails & shop before and sample all that the sponsor & partners had to offer.

Key Sponsors & Partners

Included Presenting Sponsor: Cadillac,  Host & Producer: Style Chicago,Bottled Water: LIFE WTR ™, KISSFM-Chicago103.5, Adult Beverages: Vodka ~Absolut Elyx, Tequila : AVION,  Wine: Santa Rita ® and Lunetta®,  Natural Skincare: trilogy, Energy Bar: LUNA, Models: Factor Chosen, Makeup: NARS,  Hair: Parto Naderi, Video Production: Envision Studio™ , Production: AO & Co, Staging & Lighting: Sound Investment,  Shushi Rolls: Sushi Bar Restaurant,  Hors d’oeuvres : Lime light and WOW Bao.  It’s always a treat to get samples and products from sponsor partners and sponsors!

About the Runway Designers

Top established and emerging Chicago Based designers had pop-up options to shop before and after the show. The collection was amazing and the merchandise was stellar and of high quality. It is definitely worth it! The featured designers included during the runway in this order included:

The Runway Designers Featured

BEMO Designs~

Marsa Alam~

Borris Powell~

SWABY (Shernett Swaby)

J. Toor~

Heidi Hess~

Ann Everett~

Idrine Bishweka~

Gidi  (Taneasha Prunty)~

Ellie Day (Elaine Spoerer)~

EwelineB (Ewelina Barlak)~

The runway was sensational!!! What a great production! I truly enjoyed the fashions and the total overall total look achieved by the Models: Factor Chosen, Makeup: NARS,  Hair: Parto Naderi along with outstanding work by the designers!!! I liked the element of adding the Best Designer to the Fashion Runway, and the winner is…Chicago-based designer Taneasha Prunty, representing her design label, Gidi, took home the Daring Design Challenge trophy. 

Those Goodie Bags!!!

They are truly awesome. The bags from this show included the following items:

Aruba Aloe, Bliss Spa, Dial, DM Luxury Lifestyle Dr. Hauschka, Escentric Molecules, Essance, HASK, Honest Tea, InstaNatural, Jane CarterSolutions, Juice Organics, LIFEWTR, LUNA Bar, Real Techniques, Shea Terra, Tantowel, Tend Skin, Yu-Be, Z. Bigatti…and more!

About’s The Art of Fashion (Runway Show) presented by Cadillac has been the premiere fall runway show in Chicago since 2010. This fall, all runway show attendees will also be able to shop Chicago’s finest designers at our FashionChicago designer shopping event (5-10pm) that night both before and after the show. will be hosting the 16th season of our FashionChicago shopping event featuring one-of-a-kind shopping Chicago’s top apparel, jewelry and accessories designers. Admission to FashionChicago shopping & cocktails from 5-10pm is included with your runway show ticket.

The Art of Fashion ~ Runway Fashion Show

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, join us at Revel Fulton Market for the 11th season of’s The Art of Fashion (Runway Show) presented by Cadillac featuring Chicago’s finest designers.

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time: 5:00-10:00 PM (7:30 PM runway)

Venue: Revel Fulton Market (1215 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607)

Cost: $50-$150

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, join us at Revel Fulton Market for the 11th season of’s The Art of Fashion (Runway Show) presented by Cadillac featuring Chicago’s finest designers.

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time: 5:00-10:00 PM (7:30 PM runway)

Venue: Revel Fulton Market (1215 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607)

Cost: $50-$150

Buy Tickets

The event will again include the 16th season of our FashionChicago® designer shopping event featuring Chicago’s top apparel and accessories designers.

Event Times:

• Cocktail Reception, Hors d’oeuvres & Red Carpet: 5-7:30pm

• FashionChicago® Designer Shopping: 5-10pm’s The Art of Fashion (Runway Show): 7:30pm

• Post runway show cocktails & shopping: 8:30-10pm

Runway Show Tickets:

• VIP + Goodie Bag tickets range from $75-$150 (Rows 1-6) and include a signature Goodie Bag (25+ brands, est. $150+ value).

• Cocktail Reception & Runway Show tickets are $65 for seats in Rows 7-10, and $50 for standing room.

Runway Show Designers:

Top Chicago fashion designers including both established labels and emerging artists – SWABY | Shernett Swaby, Ann Everett, Borris Powell, EwelineB, Ellie Day, Gidi, Heidi Hess, Idrine Bishweka, J. TOOR and more.

FashionChicago® Pop-up Shopping:

All runway show guests are invited to hit the red carpet and meet & shop with Chicago’s top fashion designers during the pre-show Cocktail Reception (5:00-7:30pm) as well as after the show (8:30-10pm)

FashionChicago® Designer Pop-up Shops:

Ann Everett * Alcala’s Boutique * Borris Powell * Calvin Tran * Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s on State St. * Christina Karin * Christopher Augmon * Ellie Jay Jewels * F U Clothing * Gidi * Heidi Hess * Idrine Bishweka * J. Markell * Kendall Miles Designs * Mooya Bags * Nomadic Ant * NYET Jewelry * Q by QS * SWABY | Shernett Swaby * Squasht * Suki + Solaine * Takohl * VARYFORM * vFish Designs * 4 Tamara Nicole…and more!

All tickets include 5-10pm access to Red Carpet photos, cocktail reception and FashionChicago® designer shopping & Official Post Party.

This red carpet event sells out in advance online every year – so order tickets now!

Not on your computer? Call 1-800-838-3006 (Brown Paper Tickets) for assisted order orbuy directly from your phone.

Presenting Sponsor:


Official Bottled Water:


Radio Sponsor:

KISS 103.5 FM & iHeartRadio

Spirits Sponsor (Signature Cocktails):


Natural Skincare Sponsor:

Trilogy Natural Products

Energy Bar Sponsor:


Models for Runway Show:

Factor + Chosen

Sushi Rolls & Hors d’oeuvres

RA Sushi * Wow Bao


Palm Bay International signature Goodie Bags (25+ brands, $150+)

Aruba Aloe * Bliss Spa * Dial * DM Luxury Lifestyle * Dr. Hauschka * Escentric Molecules * Essance * HASK * Honest Tea * InstaNatural * Jane Carter Solutions * Juice Organics * LIFEWTR * LUNA Bar * Real Techniques * Shea Terra * Tantowel * Tend Skin * Yu-Be * Z. Bigatti…and more!

I hope to see you there!

Rome where beauty reigns supreme

I just recently returned from a wedding anniversary trip and it was truly awesome! As you are aware my blog speaks about beauty, cosmetics, the trends and other industry topics. However in this post, I will address beauty in all things!

The Architecture, the people, the food, the culture and the focus on health/wellness through fitness and beauty. Now let’s get started with telling my story through observation and pictures!


There is a great appreciation for me and the detail of architecture in Rome, Italy. There is such great detail in everything!

I just loved being in this type of environment. The people were always on the move and did what it takes to get the job done.

As I watched people to see similarities and the differences of my daily routine. Though I was a tourist, I wanted to explore the lifestyles of everyday people and what makes them tick. One of the most that I picked up on was health and wellness.

Health/Wellness and Fitness

I purposely sought out any shops devoted to health, beauty and fitness. I took pictures of ads as indicated above promoting being fit through working out.

There were many modes of transportation as with any country, but taxis, bus, train, walking and through the use of scooters.

Wine and Dining

The next topic of discussion was the food. Oh , but the food was truly scrumptious! It was always supported with bottled sparkling

natural mineral water. There were many places to go and enjoy a great meal. We dined at the following places: the Sheridan Roma, a restaurant in the Rome Colonna area and Rome Borgo~ Saturicus to name a few.

The Beauty Details

Through our walks and tours in Rome, I noticed quite a few Health and Wellness Centers. I admire how health and wellness is important to culture. In the midst of all that beauty in Rome, residents make time to incorporate health and wellness in their daily routines.

I also found beauty supply stores and Perfume Shops essential to supporting overall beauty.

So if you have vacationing on your list, be certain to check out Rome, Italy.., you will be glad you did!

Key areas to visit are not limited to: The Trevi Fountain, Imperial Forum,Rome-Quartiete Ostience, Rome San’ Eustachio, Rome Colonna, Piazzadi Spagna, The Vatican City & Museum and the Colosseum and many, many more historical sites and attractions. I will close out the blog post through the beautiful captures of Rome through pictures.

For more information about Rome, Italy do check out this link.

Ciao for now! A special Thank you to Chicago Imaging Solutions for providing the great photography ❤️📸